Russian Foreign Ministry criticizes agreement between QSD militia and US oil company as flagrant violation of international law and Syria’s sovereignty

Moscow, SANA-The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the agreement signed between Qasad “QSD” militia and a US company to steal Syrian oil reflects Washington’s continued violations of the international law and Syria’s sovereignty.

The Foreign Ministry indicated, in a statement, that the US side intends within the framework of the agreement to offer two mobile oil refiners under the pretext of reducing the damage to the surrounding environment.

The Ministry stressed that the US continued its unilateral coercive sanctions against Syria, asserting that the sanctions hinder providing fuel and electricity to the Syrians, create a shortage in energy resources, in addition to that they hinder providing essential medicines and medical equipment to Syria during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The statement also expressed Russia’s deep concern over these abusive and contradicted acts, calling on the international community to react towards them.

Bushra Dabin/ Hala Zain

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