With Syria’s participation, International Winter Market kicks off in Russia

Moscow, SANA – Activities of the International Winter market for Trade and Marketing kicked off in Russia, with the participation of Syria.

The Syrian pavilion was opened by wife of Syrian Ambassador in Moscow, Mrs. Nuha Haddad, the pavilion was marked by the presence of various Syrian products provided by Syrian businessmen operating in Russia, under the patronage of the Syrian Embassy in Moscow.

The products included ceramics, mosaic, jewelry, soap, olive oil, cakes and confectionaries in addition to cotton and woolen products.

The Syrian pavilion received significant turnout by huge number of Syrian and Russia citizens, the demand was huge particularly on the handicrafts and textile products.

The market is organized by the Global Women’s Club in Moscow and is supported by over 300 corporations specialized in trade, industrial and commercial businesses.

About 70 countries participate in this event.

Mohammad Nassr/ Mazen Eyon

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