US and Turkish occupation forces send vehicles to their illegal bases in Hasaka


Hasaka, SANA – The US occupation forces sent a convoy of military vehicles in Hasaka countryside, while the Turkish occupation also sent tanks and vehicles to their own illegal bases in the province.

Local sources at al-Rumailan city in Hasaka’s northeastern countryside said that the US occupation sent a convoy consisting of 25 military vehicles carrying ammo and logistical supplies from their bases in Iraq via al-Walid illegal border crossing point.

The sources said the vehicles included trucks and transporters carrying cement barricades and ammo in addition to a number of Humvees, which headed to US bases at the southern entrance of al-Rumailan.

Meanwhile, local sources said that the Turkish occupation forces sent 3 tanks accompanied by armored vehicles from Turkish territory to their illegal base in Oum Ushub in Abu Rasain area in Hasaka’s northern countryside.

Hazem Sabbagh

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