A bulk of measures adopted to ensure continuation of producing medical and nutritional materials

Damascus. SANA- Economic Committee at the Cabinet approved on Wednesday a bulk of measures to ensure the continuation of the production process for the food and medical industries (disinfectants) in the public and private sectors and providing them to the citizens with high quality.

The step comes within the measures taken to confront Coronavirus globally and to boost the process of confronting the virus.

The committee, during a meeting chaired by Prime Minister, Imad Khams, decided to exempt importers of food substances, necessary basic materials for food industries, detergents, and disinfectants from importing credit deposits for three months and exempt the owners of tourist and damaged facilities because of closure, as a precautionary measure, from taxes for the months of March and April, in turn, they pay the salaries of their employees.

The committee also tasked the ministries of Finance, Industry, Internal Trade and Economy for putting a plan to continue financing the imports with exemptions and incentives for basic material importers in the current and coming stage.

MH Ibrahim/Mazen Eyon

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