Turkish regime leads misleading media campaign on alleged losses in the army ranks

Idleb countryside, SANA_ The news circulated by Turkish media outlets about the destruction of Syrian tanks or human casualties in the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army are “mere allegations”, SANA reporter in Idleb countryside said.

These allegations, the reporter added, aim at covering up the failure of the terrorist attack by Turkey-backed mercenaries on the direction of al-Nayrab in Idleb countryside.

According to field events, what the Turkish media outlets are circulating, quoting Turkish officials, about the losses in the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army are fantasies far from reality and come as a result of the defeat of the attacking terrorist groups and the killing of dozens of their members.

On Thursday, the Syrian Arab Army units operating in Idleb countryside repelled a fierce attack launched by the terrorist organizations from several directions on al-Nayrab town and prevented them from occupying the town., killing scores of terrorists and destroying their vehicles and armored vehicles.


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