Needs of industrial facilities in newly-liberated areas in Aleppo countryside discussed

Aleppo, SANA _ The ministerial delegation visiting Aleppo discussed the reality of industrial facilities in the areas liberated from terrorism in the western and southwestern countryside and highlighted their needs to resume work again.

During the meeting held in the governorate building with the economic activities in Aleppo, Minister of Water Resources Hussein Arnous said that the meeting aims at briefing on the requirements and needs of industrialists to rehabilitate the damaged industrial facilities in the western and southwestern countryside of Aleppo.

He pointed out to the government’s interest in Aleppo Governorate, underlining the need to take quick measures to rehabilitate services, tourist and industrial facilities in Aleppo and supplying these facilities with electricity.

He talked about providing facilities for industrialists working to rehabilitate their facilities.

In the same context, Minister of Communications and Technology Iyad al-Khatib, briefed on a number of telephone centers affected by terrorism in Aleppo city and its countryside, especially that Aleppo is a node of communications for the northern region.



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