Developing Al-Bukamal border crossing revives trade movement with Iraq

Damascus, SANA- The bodies concerned work on developing al-Bukamal border crossing, which was opened by the end of last September to facilitate the movement of the persons and goods as the crossing was provided with the necessary equipment in order to carry out the required works optimally.

Speaking to SANA, Secretary of Customs at Al-Bukamal border crossing Asem Iskandar expressed readiness of the staff to facilitate the movement of the passengers and the crossing of various cars between Syria and Iraq.

On the trade exchange between the two countries through the crossing, Iskandar indicated that the exports are still limited, asserting that about 20 Syrian trucks cross via the border per a day. He added that 80 percent of the Syrian exports to Iraq are citrus, in addition to various kinds of food, metal and plastic industries, and clothes.

Syria and Iraq are linked by three border crossings, mainly al-Bukamal crossing border, which constitutes an important crossing for trade exchange and a passage for the exports and imports between the two countries.

Shaza/H. Zain

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