Ersan: UN efforts towards Syria will remain fragile as long as there are economic measures on Syrian people

New York, SANA-Member of Syria’s permanent mission to the UN, Ammar Ersan said on Thursday that UN efforts towards Syria will remain fragile as long as there are coercive economic measures and a blockade against the Syrian people.

Ersan, speaking at a UN Security Council session about discussing UN Secretary-General’s Report on Organization’s Work , added that some donor governments will not adhere to the principles of humanitarian action based on respecting the sovereignty of states and not interfering in their internal affairs, as we know very well that many of these governments will continue to negatively interfere in the path of the political process in Syria.

Ersan said that the after nine years of war, Syrian citizens do not need food baskets , but rather need to rebuild their economy and capabilities, adding that the Syrian citizens also do not need money of the Western donors as much as they need these donors to lift the economic siege imposed on the Syrians in order to live in safety and stability without fearing for their future.

Ersan said that United Nations General Assembly exceeded its mandate and violated Article no. 12 of the Charter when it targeted the UN Security Council’s mandate, which is concerned exclusively until this day by dealing with the situation in Syria.

Ersan reiterated that Syria and a number of member states will remain determined in their stance of not recognizing the so-called “The independent and impartial international investigation mechanism in Syria” and rejecting any form of cooperation with it.

Ersan asserted despite of the circumstances of the terrorist war against Syria , it is proud of itself on having long-established national legal and judicial institutions and bodies that have the real capacity and will to achieve justice, and accountability, pointing out that the ongoing political process in Syria will deal with these issues seriously and as one of the priorities.


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