President al-Assad issues laws on formation of State Council, exempting Syrian Telecom subscribers from interest

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday issued Law No. 32 for 2019 on the formation and purview of the State Council after the People’s Assembly ratified it in its second draft after addressing some contentious points.

As per his constitutional authority, President al-Assad had objected to some articles of the law after its ratification for the first time by the People’s Assembly, as he had deemed some of its articles to be unconstitutional, which the Higher Constitutional Court confirmed.

The law determines the structure of the State Council and its purview, which include resolving contestations related to various issues such as Local Administration Councils elections, decisions related to tax and fees disputes, disciplinary decisions, disputes related to wages and pensions, and disputes resulting from applying the state workers law.

President al-Assad also issued Law No. 31 for 2019 on exempting subscribers to Syrian Telecom from interest if they pay their debts, with the exemptions being 100% for those who pay their debts fully in cash, and 50% for paying in installments.

Hazem Sabbagh

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