Czech website: Syria always formed bridge between world civilizations and cultures

Prague, SANA_ Syria has always formed a bridge between world civilizations and cultures, while possessing a long historical heritage, a Czech website has said.

In a report on Monday, the Czech“Oko” website indicated that the Syrian lands were a bridge between the Mediterranean and Mesopotamian regions, pointing out to the establishment of many large cities and commercial centers such as Mari and Palmyra in these two rich and civilized regions.

“Now, it is possible to see the traces of the ancient history of humanity in Syria at every step,” the report said, indicating that in Ugarit, which is one of the oldest international commercial centers, written documents on the contacts that existed between Egypt and the Aegean region were found.

The report hailed the importance and beauty of Palmyra city as many of its monuments have been preserved despite the lapse of nearly 2000 years, which made it an attraction factor for tourists and visitors.



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