Hamsho wins grand prix of 5th stage of Int’l peace championship

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Syrian Equestrian Omar Hamsho won the Grand Prix of the fifth stage of the International Peace Championship /Climbing barriers / classified internationally two-starو which concluded activities on Sunday evening in Basil Al-Assad Club in Dimas, Damascus countryside.

Hamsho ranked first in category/ A / for a height of (145 cm), Sham al-Assad second, Qutaiba Al-Daghli third, then Sham Al-Assad ranked fourth through her participation on another horse  and in the fifth place came the Jordanian Equestrian Ibrahim Bsharat.

Ahmad Hamsho won the second and fourth stages of the Grand Prix last week, while Omar Hamsho won the third stage and Sham Al-Assad won the first stage.

Yara Ismail/Gh.A.Hassoun


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