Environmental march in Damascus Countryside to spread social awareness on ecotourism

Damascus Countryside, SANA_ 118 volunteers participated in an environmental march in the areas of al-Mallaha and al-Taous in the eastern Qalamoun.

The environmental march aims at spreading social awareness towards ecotourism and preserving the remaining unique biodiversity.

The activity sheds light on these unique sites and their importance in terms of tourism and nature and studying the possibility of installing a pathway in the region to serve inbound ecotourism.

Media coordinator of the Syrian Society for Exploration and Documentation Faisal Yassoub who organized the march clarified to SANA reporter that activities of the march of the white desert (al-Taous), which is16 km from the city of Giroud to the town of Nasiriyah, can be described as a kind of adventure, as the participants move from muddy to sandy areas-whilst enjoying unique and dazzling views all along.

Yassoub pointed out that the interaction of participantsin the march, who are from different age groups and from several governorates, was positive.

SANA spotted the views of a number of participants in the march, where Mahmoud al-Kafri from Damascus and Waheed Boufaour from Sweida expressed surprise at what they saw from the unique terrain and geography.

Syria is a country of great geographical, historical and archaeological wealth and diversity.


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