More than 100 caricatures embody the terrorist war on Syria

Damascus, SANA_ Through more than 100 caricatures, the artist Nidal Deeb was able to reflect the suffering of the Syrians throughout the years of the terrorist war on the country.

His paintings documented the reality of the bad circumstances that the Syrian people lived during the war.

The exhibition was hosted by Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts, it was entitled “Feather in the Core” (Reesha Fi Al-Samim), and attracted many visitors who found in Deeb’s paintings a reflection of the different forms of their suffering.

The artist Nidal Deep, who lived and studied at the school of the “sons and daughters of martyrs”, stressed on the need for constant attention to the art of caricature because it carries an important message by showing the pains of people through drawings.

He indicated that his drawings included political and social concerns in the framework of achieving the artist’s duty to express the issues of society and the daily problems of its citizens.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sanaa Shawa, said that the artist’s paintings combine simplicity, accuracy and high techniques of drawing, affirming  support of the Culture Ministry to all kinds of arts because art is the memory of peoples and the greatest documenter of their history.

Artist Duraid Lahham was one of the visitors of the exhibition, he referred to the special creativity of the cartoon artist which is represented in the combination of plastic art and the ability to express people’s ideas.

Artist Nidal Deeb graduated from the Institute of Telecommunications and worked in preparing and presenting various political programs, such as “Top Caricature with Artists” program. He drew many picture stories for children.

He also designed 3D animation and his works were published in local, Arab and international newspapers and magazines. Artist Deep held many individual and joint exhibitions inside and outside Syria and won several awards.


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