Al-Quds International Foundation inaugurates “Jerusalem Library” in Damascus

Damascus, SANA-Al-Quds International Foundation, Syria, inaugurated on Tuesday the Maqdisi Library ( Jerusalem Library ) in Damascus to be a basic source to any researcher or anyone interested in the Palestinian issue.

The Library includes different maps, documents, books and manuscripts that vary between the political, poetry, literary and electronic categories in addition to the archive of al-Quds Foundation which is rich in information about Palestine.

“The inauguration of the library comes at a time when we are in need for documentation and finding specialized centers for the researchers in the Palestinian issue,” Presidential Political and Media Adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban said in a press statement.

She added “our usurper enemy is counterfeiting the history,” considering the documentation as part of the new awareness as identity, rights, history and future of our sons are the targeted ones.

Secretary General of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, Khaled Abd al-Majid hailed the big efforts exerted by al-Quds foundation in the service of the Palestinian cause.

“Damascus hosts every political, cultural and traditional work that are related to Jerusalem,” Abd al-Majid said, adding that the library will provide references that enable the researcher to know more about al-Quds and the Palestinian issue.

Mazen Eyon




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