Al-Nusra terrorists continue preventing civilians from leaving via Abu al-Duhour corridor to safe areas

Idleb, SANA_ Jabhat al- Nusra terrorists continue, for the fourth day in a row, to prevent citizens in Idleb province from leaving via Abu al-Duhour corridor in the southeastern countryside of Idleb.

Meantime, authorities continue to take all measures to receive civilians willing to leave the terrorist-held areas in Idelb via Abu al-Duhour corridor which was prepared and secured by the Syrian Arab Army for this purpose.

As part of the State’s efforts to alleviate the suffering of civilians and rid them of the terrorism,  the concerned authorities, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army units, opened Saturday Abu al-Duhour corridor and equipped it with all logistical requirements to receive civilians who want to leave terrorist-held areas, SANA reporter said.

On Sunday , thousands of citizens returned to the villages and towns that were liberated from terrorism in northern countryside of Hama and southern countryside of Idleb.

SANA reporter mentioned that thousands of citizens have returned to their villages and towns through Souran corridor.

The terrorists use civilians in terrorist-held villages and cities in Idleb as human shields.


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