El-Sisi : What happened in Syria was planned

Cairo, SANA- Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said that what took place in Syria was planned as terrorist organizations were used to destroy the country and a number of the countries in the regions.

During activities of the National Youth Conference held in Cairo Saturday under the title of ” Evaluating the Local and Regional Counter-Terrorism Experience”,el-Sisi added that terrorism was used to achieve political goals away from international legitimacy.

The Egyptian President affirmed that the cost of using terrorism to destroy countries is not high, pointing out that terrorism was used to target and destroy Syria and Libya.

He emphasized that a conventional war cannot destroy a state, but terrorism can do so.

El-Sisi said that without the existence of sponsors that adopt and back terrorism, this phenomenon would not have spread and succeeded in such way.

“The phenomenon of international terrorism is a monster that has become out of the control of those who launched it.” The Egyptian President concluded.

Shaza/ Gh. A. Hassoun

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