Information minister: Syrians more committed to national identity

Damascus, SANA-Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said Syria is moving ahead with the political solution that ought to be one among the Syrians and should not undercut counterterrorism or engage terrorist organizations.

The minister’s comments came during his meeting with a delegation from Fearab Venezuela and the Syrian community in Venezuela.

“More than ever, the Syrians are committed to their national identity and their will to live overrides the culture of death that terrorists seek to propagate,” he added.

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What the ‘Arab Spring’ has sought to achieve in Syria since day one, al-Zoubi said, is foment unrest and chaos as a prerequisite to weaken it from within, and to debilitate its army and undermine its national course and pivotal role in service of Israel.

The minister criticized the Turkish government as “the bearer of Ottoman thought”, accusing it of trumping up false claims to justify a military intervention in Syria by invoking the issue of helping Ain al-Arab locals.

Chairman of Fearab Venezuela and the Venezuelan MP Adel al-Sughayar underscored the role of national media in confronting the imperial war against the Syrian people, calling for cementing cooperation with Venezuelan news agencies.

Manal Ismael

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