A meeting to lift siege on Syria calls for popular move to overthrow economic unilateral measures against the country

Beirut, SANA-A preparatory meeting to launch an Arab and international popular campaign to lift the siege on Syria and cancel the unilateral, coercive measures against Syrian people, affirmed that these measures come to complete the terrorist war on the country in a Zionist, colonial political framework.

A final statement, issued at a meeting that was held in Beirut, by an initiative of the Arab National Conference with the presence of more than 100 political, cultural and media figures, called for the necessity of taking solidarity with Syria through an Arab, international popular move to “overthrow those economic measures” with all legal and political means.

The statement called for forming a follow-up committee, that comprises representatives, to launch popular campaigns and hold symposiums, stand-ins and marches in addition to press campaigns through social media.

Mazen Eyon


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