Syrian and Russian coordination committees: More than 4000 people evacuated from al-Rukban Camp

Damascus, SANA – The Syrian and Russian coordination committees for returning displaced Syrians announced on Monday that more than 4000 displaced people have been evacuated from al-Rukban camp and returned to their towns and villages.

During a video conference, the two committees said that since March 23rd, a total of 4345 people have been evacuated from al-Rukban Camp, including children, women, elderly people, and youths.

The two sides asserted that the Syrian government is committed to securing the necessities to ensure a good life for returning citizens, providing them with medical services, food, and supplies, and that work is underway to reorganize their identification and documents, in addition to returning children to schools.

The committees held the occupying US forces in al-Tanf area responsible for the humanitarian disaster in the camp and for preventing buses from evacuating the displaced people in it who number around 40000, 80% of them women and children who live in tragic and unhealthy conditions.

They also called for the US to facilitate the evacuation of people from the camp, to allow aid convoys to enter it, and to leave al-Tanf area, in addition to calling on the UN to work to lift the economic sanctions on Syria.

Hazem Sabbagh

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