Syria rewarded the prize of Rescuing the culture heritage in Rome

Rome, SANA-Director General of Museums and Antiquities Ma’amoun Abdul-Kareem received on Saturday the reward of “Rescuing the cultural Heritage” for his role in protecting the sites of culture and tourism heritage in Syria.

The reward was handed over to Mr. Abdul-Kareem to honor his efforts that helped rescue the archeological, heritage regions that witness aggressions by the armed terrorist organizations.

The reward was innovated by Head of the Culture Diplomatic Institute in Berlin and the former Culture Minister of Italy Francesco Rutelli .

“Awarding this prize to Syria by the European authorities and the EU is a recognition of the efforts exerted by Syria to protect the Syrian heritage which is dedicated for all humanity,” Abdul-Kareem told SANA.

He added this indicates the powerfulness of the Syrian culture and its ability to grasp an international acknowledgment.

9 experts have taken part in the arbitration.

Mazen Eyon

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