WHO delegation visits health centers in Quneitra for supporting health services

Quneitra , SANA_ with  the aim of supporting health services, a delegation from the World Health Organization (WHO) visited a number of health centers in Quneitra southern countryside after defeating terrorism from it.

Head of the Department of Vaccines  at WHO Dr. Aisha Jabr, said this visit is for briefing on the reality of the health centers and their necessary needs of medical equipment, medicines and other requirements to activate their work.

The visit, according to Jabr, aims at developing  a work plan which includes mechanisms and priorities of work to promote the health reality, providing necessary support in accordance with available possibilities and helping Directorate of Health increase medical and health services provided to citizens who suffered from terrorism .

She pointed out that the field tour included health centers of al-Rafid, al-Qusaybah and Ein al-Tinah towns; the needs of these centers were documented to be submitted to WHO to assist in securing them.

Director of Quneitra Directorate of Health Dr. Awad al-Ali said that the Directorate, after riding the region of terrorism, began to rehabilitate health centers in the province southern countryside.These  centers were provided with medical and nursing staff, equipment and medicines in accordance with the available possibilities in order to provide health service for citizens.


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