Interior Minister: Syria is determined to combat terrorism

Damascus, SANA-Interior Minister Mohammad al-Sha’ar said Thursday that Syria confronts a war waged by terrorist organizations whose members belong to more than 80 countries, led by foreign, Arab and regional states aiming at dividing Syria and peoples of the region.

“Syria will defeat terrorism thanks to its people, leadership and the Army,” al-Sha’ar said during a meeting with Indonesian Ambassador in Damascus  Wahib Abdul-Jawad.

Talks during the meeting dealt with means of boosting cooperation between the two countries in all fields, particularly in combating terrorism.

The Minister affirmed that Syria was one of the front states which called for fighting terrorism, clarifying that the acts of terrorist organizations come in the interests of Israel and the US.

The Ambassador, for his part, said that Syria faces a big conspiracy that targets its national unity, expressing his country’s willingness to cooperate with Syria in counter-terrorism.

He was worried over the joining of some Indonesian individuals to the terrorist organizations in Syria.

Mazen Eyon

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