Iraq emphasizes support for efforts to resolve crisis in Syria politically

Baghdad, SANA- Iraq affirmed its support for efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria and put an end to foreign interference in the country’s affairs.

The spokesman for the President of Iraq Lukman Faily said in statement received by Alsumaria News that the Iraqi President Barham Salih reiterates the need for supporting efforts aimed at reaching a political solution for the crisis in Syria on the basis of respect for its independent decision and non-interference in its internal affairs.

Faily indicated that the Iraqi President supports the efforts to restore Syria’s vitality, and for it to be stable and safe and have good relations with all its neighbors, as he considers that reaching this goal requires the coordination and support of neighboring countries and the international community.

He stressed Iraq’s keenness to strengthen relations with all its neighbors, clarifying that the Iraqi Constitution emphasizes the policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

Shaza/Hazem Sabbagh

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