Council of Dignitaries, Tribes’ Leaders of Hasaka denounces Turkish regime’s threats

Hasaka, SANA_ The Council of Dignitaries and Tribes’ Leaders of Hasaka has condemned the Turkish regime’s new threats of launching an aggression against the eastern Euphrates areas under the pretext of protecting the Turkish national security.

The council, in a statement released Monday, considered that these threats were given the green light from the United States.

” The United States and Turkey are in one alliance against the Syrian people with all of its spectrums through supporting the terrorist gangs,” the statement said, calling for coherence among sons of the homeland in the eastern region and for some of our Kurdish brothers not to fall back into the American deception and to mobilize around the Syrian Arab Army.

The statement pointed out that the US and Turkey are working to halt the political solution in Syria in order to preserve the security of the Zionist entity, calling on people not to be deluded by the illusions that America is creating, which aim to weaken Syria, the homeland of love, brotherhood and peace.



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