Bosra City restores its historical splendor and starts to receive its visitors again

Daraa, SANA War-ravaged Daraa province has restored its position on world tourism map and Bosra al-Sham City with its archeological amphitheater and castle restored  their historic splendor and started to receive their visitors again.

Bosra City enjoys a wide fame worldwide due to its deep-rooted history as it dates back to very old historical eras since the Roman reign and Emperor Philip the Arab and first Christian era,  Director of Daraa Tourism Department Yasser al-Sa’adi said.

Bosra is a major archaeological site, containing ruins from Roman, Byzantine, and Muslim times , al-Sa’adi added

During the Roman reign, the city flourished and became a major metropolis at the juncture of several trade routes as it connected Damascus to the Red Sea.

It became an important center for food production and during the reign of Emperor Philip the Arab, Bosra began to mint its own coins.

Throughout the Islamic rule, Bosra would serve as the southernmost outpost of Damascus.

Al-Sa’adi added that the city also witnessed the meeting between Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Monk Bahira who lived in it at the that time.

He indicated that the return of visitors to the city is an important turning point in the tourism promotion in the province.

The increase in the number of visitors of Bosra al-Sham comes in the framework of shedding light on the historical and archeological importance of the city, and it conveys a message to the world that Syria is the cradle of human civilizations and it will become better than it used to be before the war.

The bodies concerned in Daraa province have set a plan to rehabilitate many archeological sites in the province, on top Bosra al-Sham City due to its historical and archeological significance.

The city has witnessed the first visit by Syrian delegation from Syrian Society for Discovery and Documentation.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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