Syrians abroad strongly condemn terrorist bombings in Homs

Capitals, SANA – The appalling crime which terrorists committed against children in the city of Homs on Wednesday drew vehement condemnation from members of the Syrian communities abroad who stressed that neither this nor other terrorist acts will daunt the Syrian people from pushing ahead with their battle against terrorism.

Twin terrorist bombings took place near a school compound in Ikrima neighborhood in Homs city at the time when students were leaving school, claiming the lives of 32 and injuring 115 others, mostly children.

The Association of the Syrian Community in France strongly condemned the twin terrorist attacks and said in a press statement that the bombings “aim at sowing fear among the Syrians, particularly after the continued successes of the Syrian Arab Army on the ground.”

The statement expressed the Syrian expatriates’ support to the Syrian leadership, army and people in their relentless efforts for restoring security and stability in Syria.

Meanwhile, members of the Syrian community in Bulgaria condemned the terrorist attacks in the strongest terms, denouncing the “suspicious international silence towards such terrorist acts.”

They hailed the bravery of the Syrian army in facing terrorism and the aggression against Syria, affirming that the community strongly supports the Syrian leadership.

In a relevant context, members of the Syrian community in Hungary and of the Forum for Syria said in a statement that the twin terrorist attacks reflect the savage nature of the terrorists and their grudge against the Syrian people.

They affirmed that the Syrian people will not surrender to such crimes and they will remain steadfast in the face of terrorism.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/Haifa Said

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