Defense Minister tours Adra after defeating terrorism

Damascus, SANA-Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed forces, Minister of Defense Fahd Jasem al-Freij, accompanied by a number of officers, toured Monday the Worker city of Adra and Adra al-Balad in Damascus countryside, conveying the amity and congratulations of President Bashar al-Assad to the armed forces who restored security and stability to the city.

During the tour, General Freij listened to an explanation by the field commanders on the conditions of the military operations carried out by the Syrian Army who eliminated the armed terrorist organizations that terrified the safe civilians and perpetrated acts of sabotage, kidnapping and killing in the region.

He inspected the works being implemented by the engineering units to clean the city from mines and explosives planted by the terrorists.


Later, the Defense Minister went to Adra al-Balad, touring its streets which were turned into tunnels and trenches by the terrorists, making them starting points for their criminal acts.

He affirmed that the military leadership is proud of the heroism of the army members; hailing the high moral spirit the soldiers are enjoying in sacrificing their souls for the sake of the Homeland.

General Freij stressed that the Syrian Army is capable of carrying out its duties in different conditions to defeat the terrorist conspiracy to which Syria is exposed.

Mazen Eyon


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