Two aid convoys sent to liberated villages in Daraa countryside

Daraa, SANA – Two aid convoys were sent to the liberated villages and towns in the province on Tuesday.

SANA’s reporter in Daraa said that a convoy consisting of 14 cars carrying food and medical substances was sent by Daraa Governorate to the citizens in the villages and towns of al-Sahwa, al-Msifra, al-Jiza, al-Gharia al-Sharqia, al-Karak, and Ghasm in the eastern countryside of the province.

The aid included medical supplies, an ambulance with a nurse, a mobile clinic with a doctor, and 400 food baskets, 400 baskets of canned food, 2000 bread packages, 16 tons of flour, 3 tankers of drinking water, and 3 tankers of fuel.

Later, Director of Social Affairs and Labor Department in Daraa Nibal al-Hariri sent that a convoy consisting of 11 trucks carrying food baskets, canned food, flour, fuel, and drinking water were sent to the liberated villages along with two mobile clinics and medical staff to provide free treatment and medicine.

During the past ten days, the Syrian Arab Army has launched a military operation against the terrorist organizations in Daraa countryside.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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