Information Minister: No alternative to the Syrian drama in the Arab world

Damascus, SANA-Information Minister Omarn al-Zoubi said Wednesday that the Syrian drama is an Arab need and there is no alternative to it as the Arabs have been addicted to watch the Syrian drama series to become part of the life of each Syrian family.

The Minister inaugurated a symposium on the Syrian drama at Sheraton Hotel in Damascus, sponsored by the General Establishment of TV and Radio production.

He added that the dram is in need for a review to discuss pending issues and programs that achieve the real goals and objectives of the Syrian drama during the current stage.


“Some Arabs who have dealt with Syrian drama were not of a moral target, but they have sought to gain profits, with a clear distinction between the goal, national and pan-Arab identity,” the Minister said.

He addressed the Syrian producers and artists that this meeting has to specify the points of weakness and needs of artists and writers to correct the TV and radio track.

Other interpositions pointed out that the Symposium will clarify what is needed from all relevant sides to meet the demands of the Syrian drama, and shed the light on the obstacles which face the development of this famous Syrian industry.




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