Patriarch Laham: peaceful solution in Syria is the key for peace in the whole region

Beirut, SANA-Patriarch Gregory III Laham of Antioch and all the East for Rome Catholic said the peaceful solution in Syria is the key of peace in the whole region, adding that having success to reach a political solution to the crisis in Syria will be the key to the peace in the Arab world and the globe.

“The war in Syria is not a civil one, but a catastrophic flow for more than 2000 external groups which aim at destabilizing the Syrian society,” Patriarch Laham said in a speech delivered at a conference on migration in Taiwan.

He affirmed that Muslims and Christians have lived together for nearly 1435 H, adding that the Christians’ suffering was not because of the Muslims’ hostility, but it was from extremist members who have entered the country to practice violence against every Syrian citizen.

“Millions of the displaced who have escaped from Syria, whether they were Muslims or Christians, confirm that this war is not a conflict between Muslims and Christians, but it is a war to destabilize the Syrian society,” the Patriarch said.

He wondered if the war in Syria aimed at achieving freedom, justice and equality, or it was erupted only to gain profits for weapon traffickers.

He called for backing the church in Syria and work for peace in the country.

Mazen Eyon



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