Book exchange garden, innovative project to revive culture

Damascus, SANA – The book exchange garden is an innovative cultural project launched by “Iqaa al-Hayat” (the Rhythm of Life) team to be the first of its kind library in Syria which aims to encourage people to share the books they read and the knowledge they acquired between each other.

The project is organized in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Damascus Governorate shedding light on the key role of books which offer a glimpse of other cultures, civilizations, peoples and places.

The event which is set to be launched within the next few days in al-Qosour neighborhood in Damascus will also include various artistic activities such as musical concerts and lectures.

Head of “Iqaa al-Hayat” team, plastic artist Mowafaq Makhoul noted that the project aim to re-establish that harmonious relationship between individuals and books amid the spread of technology and technical programs.

Makhoul saw in this project an attempt to revive culture and promote other initiatives to benefit from Damascus’ beautiful sites, large squares and parks as a way to spread culture.

R. Raslan/ Ghossoun

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