Russian Foreign Ministry: US-led coalition destroyed Raqqa city

Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Ministry deputy spokesman Artyom Kozhin said that the US-led coalition destroyed Raqqa city and the civilians’ situation has not improved, adding that the relief organizations are unable to work inside the city.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, Kozhin said that the US-led coalition destroyed Raqqa city completely and uncounted part of its population was killed and buried under the rubble.

“The results of the use of US artillery and British and French aviation are visible at almost every turn there,” Kozhin pointed out. “No one is rebuilding the ruins – there are no authorities in the occupied city that would care for the fate of the remaining residents.”

He said that the situation in the city is getting harder because no one has done anything to improve the lives of its inhabitants over nine months since its liberation from Daesh.


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