Haidar: popular initiatives important to achieve national reconciliations

Damascus, SANA, State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs  Ali Haidar affirmed the importance of the civil, volunteer popular initiatives to achieve national reconciliations and help boost efforts exerted by the government in this regard.

The Minister, meeting members of the volunteer civil national Team, said the Ministry and Government support any popular activity that helps achieve the reconciliation project and offers to them all capabilities and the needed aid.


He hailed the experiment of the educational center administrated by the Team in Qudsaya Suburb in Damascus countryside which offered a lot for settling the cases of a number of citizens and getting them back to society.

Khaled Mara’ashli, Chairman of the team, said that the Team hopes security and stability would return to the Homeland, adding that members of the team spare no effort  to help those who were misled return to the country’s lap and practice their normal life.

Mazen Eyon


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