Exit of fourth batch of Jaish al-Islam terrorists from Douma postponed due to internal disagreements

Damascus Countryside, SANA- An anticipated evacuation of the fourth batch of “Jaish al-Islam” terrorists and their families from Douma in Eastern Ghouta was delayed due to soaring internal disagreements in the organization, forcing the buses set to transport them to leave the city for the vicinity of al-Wafideen Camp corridor.

SANA’s correspondent to the corridor said that the buses were pulled out of the city of Douma to remain at bay as disagreements intensified, adding that this internal wrangling is the only reason behind the delay in the evacuation process to Jarablous.

The agreement to clear the city of Douma of terrorists is still in force, the correspondent said, pointing out that the buses are standing near the Syrian Arab Army’s checkpoint waiting for the disagreements to subside to complete the removal of terrorists.

Earlier, the correspondent said Thursday that a large number of buses gathered on Harasta highway in preparation for entering Douma to transport more terrorists and their families to the main gathering point and then to transport them to Jarablous.

The correspondent added that the evacuation process of the terrorists and their families from Douma is continued.

The correspondent said the terrorists will hand over their heavy and medium arms to the state, in addition to settling the status of those who want to stay in the city and releasing all the abductees, including the civilians and military personnel and turning over the bodies of martyrs, paving the way for the return of the state institutions to the city.

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