Homs Governor to UNHCR: Cooperation with international organizations helps serve Syrian society

Homs, SANA – Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi met on Tuesday a delegation from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) headed by head of the UNHCR mission in Syria Tarek al-Kurdi.

Al-Barazi asserted that cooperation with international organization serves the Syrian society, affirming the Governorate’s commitment to working with international partners in various fields in addition to relief, including reconstruction and assisting in the return of displaced people to their secured areas.

In turn, al-Kurdi said that the UNHCR will continue working with the Governorate, the state, and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to provide humanitarian aid, clear rubble, carry out reconstruction, and help displaced people return to their homes.

He said that government shouldn’t bear the responsibility of reconstruction alone; rather the international community must shoulder this burden as well, noting that the Homs Governorate worked hard ahead of the international community and managed to clear debris and rehabilitate buildings.

The delegation toured Homs’ Old City and witnessed the situation there and the work that was carried out in it.

Al-Barazi: Legislations being prepared to rebuild damaged areas

Meeting a delegation from Karm al-Zeitoun neighborhood on Tuesday, al-Barazi called on officials and committees in Homs city to exert efforts to ensure the return of displaced people to their homes which have made safe once again thanks to the Syrian Arab Army and reconciliation efforts.

Homs Governor

Al-Barazi said that legislations are being prepared in order to rebuild areas which sustained damage at a rate of over 70%, including Baba Amr and al-Sultaniye areas, noting that there are comprehensive plans and studies for rebuilding areas and regulating build infringements while preserving locals’ ownership rights.

He called for forming a committee in Karm al-Zeitoun to survey the families in the neighborhoods, damaged properties, and the legal status of houses in order to verify their rightful owners, in addition to curbing illegal drawing of electricity and reviewing the state of relief work and services.

For his part, Karm al-Zeitoun selectman Munir Hassan said that there are displaced families who wish to return to their own homes that are currently being occupied by people displaced from other areas, calling for focusing on the state of utilities in the crowded neighborhood and addressing issues before winter.

Hazem Sabbagh

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