Moscow: Delivery of humanitarian aid to Raqqa and al-Rukban Camp still pending

Moscow, SANA-Russian Foreign Ministry said that no progress has been made in the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution No.2401 on the delivery of humanitarian aid to the city of Raqqa and al-Rukban Camp, which is controlled by US forces, as a result of the lack of cooperation by the US side in this regard.

Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Artyom Kozhin said that there is no real progress in the implementation of the provisions of UNSC Resolution no.2401 on the situation in Raqqa and in al-Rukban camp, adding that accessing to the city is under the control of US forces and is still closed for the Syrian government, the UN and the independent media outlets.

Kozhin said that during the meetings of the international group to support Syria in Geneva, the UN coordinator in Syria confirmed the readiness of the Syrian government to start delivering humanitarian aid to al-Rukban after obtaining written guarantees from the US.

He also affirmed Moscow’s intention to continue the work for the implementation of UNSC Resolution no.2401, calling for enhancing the implementation of the cessation of hostilities and the improvement of the humanitarian situation in all of Syria’s territory, while continuing to combat terrorists and calling upon all parties to fully cooperate in this regard.


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