Moscow slams US threats against Syria: Raise extreme concern

Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned the US threats to take unilateral steps against Syria, stressing that such irresponsible statements provoke deep resentment and concern.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Ministry said that “Such belligerent and irresponsible statements of the US representative (at the Security Council Nikki Haley) raise indignation and extreme concern.”

“Growing concern is caused by the incoming information on gunmen preparations to imitate the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government troops against civilians as the basis to justify US unilateral strikes against Damascus and government facilities in Syria,” said the statement.

The Ministry said that such criminal actions may also create a threat to the lives of Russian military advisers, including representatives of the reconciliation center in Syria, adding that “In this case, required retaliatory measures will be taken.”

It stated that it was a blatant hypocrisy on behalf of Washington to make statements in favor of the political process in Syria, while the US forces are occupying a significant part of Syria in violation of the UN Charter and the international law.

“In fact, Washington is doing its utmost to cover up and preserve terrorist groupings, which are active near Damascus and in other provinces of Syria,” the statement said. “At the same time, the real situation in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, which terrorists use to systematically shell the residential areas of the Syrian capital, is distorted.”


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