Haidar to German delegation: Hostile states reject reconciliation project in Syria

Damascus, SANA – State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar stressed that the Syrian government is comitted to its principled stances with regard to solving the crisis in Syria through continuing to combat terrorism and supporting the political process for which the local reconciliations constitute a solid basis.

Meeting a German parliamentary delegation chaired by Christian Blex, Haidar noted that the battle since the beginning of the terrorist war against Syria was in a large part of it a battle against the distortion of facts by some media outlets which seek to serve the agendas of some hostile states.

He indicated that the door has always been open for the settlement in the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside, yet the US and some European and regional states which support the armed organizations hinder these settlements and they provide the political umbrella for these groups to justify their crimes.

Minister Haidar added that what is being fabricated regarding the humanitarian issues and the false accusation against the Syrian government about using chemical weapons is due to the lack of choices by the hostile states.

He clarified that the hostile states reject the project of reconciliation because it undermines their agendas and schemes.

For his part, Blex affirmed that he and the accompanying delegation will convey a true and objective image about what they have seen to the German public opinion, calling for enhancing cooperation in the face of terrorism which threatens all the states including the European ones.

In a press statement following the meeting, Blex said that it is a shame on the European media in general and the German media in particular to not convey a true image to the international public opinion about what is taking place in Damascus with regard to the shells which fell on it.

He indicated that many Western media outlets intentionally ignore the reconciliations achieved in several Syrian areas, adding that one of the goals of the visit is to convey a true image about what is taking place in Syria to the German society.

R. Jazaeri / Hazem Sabbagh

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