Egypt expresses keenness on enhancing role of Syrian national institutions

Cairo, SANA- Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister for African Affairs Ambassador, Mohamed Idris, stressed that Egypt seeks to enhance the role of the national institutions of the Syrian state because they are the guarantee for preserving the country’s territorial integrity and future.

Interviewed by Extra News TV, Idris said “What is taking place in Syria in one of its sides is related to the Syrian people themselves and to what they want and aspire, and this is what Egypt supports, as we support the formula which the Syrian people want for their future, stability and territorial integrity.”

He added that the Syrian issue is a hard equation within the equations of settlement in the Middle East and what is taking place in Syria serves the interests of many sides.

Idris called for exerting more efforts to solve the crisis in Syria, affirming that Egypt plays its role in this regard on the regional and international levels.

He reiterated that facing terrorism must be by all countries and not by a single state and it should be on different levels not only on the security level, adding that there are organizations which support terrorism and this entails a decisive international stance.

R. Jazaeri/ Ghossoun


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