Scores of displaced families return to Deir Ezzor daily after liberating it from terrorists-Video

Deir Ezzor, SANA- Scores of displaced families return to Deir Ezzor Province daily transported on board buses via land roads that link the province with different areas across the country benefiting from the situation of security and stability which prevails in the eastern area after liberating it from Daesh (ISIS) terrorists by the Syrian Arab Army.

The facilitations provided by governmental bodies after restoring security and stability to the province have helped brining normal life back to Deir Ezzor City as citizens started to return to their homes and jobs after providing the basic services again, opening roads and rehabilitating many infrastructures destroyed by terrorists.

The employees have resumed their work again in an effective contribution to starting the reconstruction process and activating different institutional sectors to provide their services to the citizens.

On Wednesday, more than 150 citizens were transported into the province on board 3 buses provided by Local Administration and Environment Ministry to transport the state employees into the province for free.

The displaced citizens who returned to the province expressed happiness to return to their homes and jobs in their city which has been cleared of terrorism by the Syrian Arab army, affirming readiness to work side by side for reconstructing the city.

R. Jazaeri/ Ghossoun

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