Arab Writers Union expresses firm stance in support of unity of Syrian soil       

Damascus, SANA – Secretary General of the Arab Writers Union (AWU), Habib al-Sayegh, affirmed the firm stance of the Union in support of the unity of Syrian soil and the resistance against attempts of undermining the national state as well as the right of the Syrian people to determine the future of their country.

Delivering a speech at the opening of periodic meeting of the Permanent Bureau of the Arab Writers Union in Damascus on Saturday, al-Sayegh stressed the Union’s rejection of all forms of foreign meddling in the Syrian affairs.

He considered the Union’s meeting in Damascus as a message of solidarity with the Syrian writers and citizens.

He said that Syria represents the symbol of Arabism for Arab people, which makes its security and stability a source of confidence for every Arabian, saluting Syria for its great sacrifices for Palestine and the Arabs.

He revealed the intention of General Secretariat of the AWU to establish an Arab and international conference tilted “Al-Quds , the Position and Place” next February.

Head of Arab Writers Union branch in Syria, Nidal al-Saleh, said that Damascus is the beating heart of Arabism, adding that Damascus is defending all Arab causes.

In a speech on behalf of the participating delegations, Chairman of the Palestinian Writers Union, Murad al-Sudani, said that Damascus is the voice of righteousness and truth as it brings the Arab writers and intellectuals together to prove that it backs the general welfare against the policies of erasure and abolition.

Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun said to Journalists that holding the meeting of the AWU in Damascus is a sign that Syria will rise again to lead the Arab towards the path of salvation and restoration of dignity.

A number of participants told SANA that the Arab literary presence in the meeting demonstrates the Arab solidarity with Syria and aims to correct the image the terrorism supporters tried to promote, confirming that Syria is a land of poetry, literature, culture, Arabism and victory.

They also said that the Syrians live a normal life despite the terrorist war waged on their country, asserting that solidarity with Syria means standing against division and fragmentation.

They saluted the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army, its sacrifices, and victories which foiled US schemes.

Delegations from 15 Arab countries, in addition to Syria, participated in the periodic meeting of the Permanent Bureau of the AWU.

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