Evacuation of tens of gunmen and some of their families from Beit Jinn area

Damascus Countryside, SANA-Tens of gunmen and some of their family members have been evacuated from Beit Jinn area in the southwestern part of Damascus Countryside towards Idleb.

The evacuation process is supervised by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC). It came in implementation of the agreement which provides for evacuating the armed groups from Beit Jinn area in southwestern part of Damascus countryside for protecting the civilians and preserving the infrastructure in the area.

Four buses carrying dozens of gunmen and some members of their families set off to Idleb province, SANA’s reporter said.

The gunmen had handed over their heavy weapons before leaving, the reporter said, adding that the units of the Syrian Arab Army started to enter Mogher al-Mir and Tal Marwan in order to secure them and comb the area completely.

The armed groups burned their sites in the area before leaving to hide the documents and evidence that reveal their sponsors.

In recent weeks, the army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, have carried out a military operation in Beit Jinn and Mogher al-Mir in order to restore security and stability to the area.


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