Putin: Russian Military personnel perfectly fulfilled their tasks in Syria

Moscow, SANA- Russian President, Vladimir Putin, awarded the distinguished Russian military personnel, who had taken part in the anti-terror operation in Syria, with medals and prizes.

Addressing the Russian military personnel during a meeting held in Kremlin on Thursday, Putin said “the Russian servicemen who took part in the anti-terror operation in Syria perfectly fulfilled their duties”, adding that they made a crucial contribution to defeating terrorists in Syria.

“Russia, as it often happened in history, made a major and decisive contribution to the defeat of the criminal force that challenged all of civilization, sowed death and destruction, wiped out hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, monuments to history and culture, and sought to turn Syria and adjacent states into a foothold for further aggression that had the goal of targeting our country,” Putin said.

He added that “You wrote your own bright and victorious page. Today we are praising you as the true warriors of Russia. You fulfilled challenging tasks on the Syrian soil decently and perfectly, and came home to your relatives and close ones with victory.”

“The Syrian army, with the key support of our Air Space forces and the Navy, freed from terrorists almost the entire territory of the country, over a thousand of settlements. Your heroism and professional actions helped preserve the Syrian statehood, stopped massacres, executions, terror against civilians, made it possible to embark on a political settlement in that country, on restoration of normal life and the return of tens of thousands of refugees,” Putin said.


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