Prime Minister launches work plan to rehabilitate al-Assad Sports city, inaugurates exhibition in Lattakia

Lattakia, SANA- Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister Imad Khamis announced that the government has launched a comprehensive work plan to rehabilitate al-Assad Sports City in Lattakia, allocating SYP 400 million to implement first necessary priorities.

The plan includes rehabilitating all the City’s sports facilities, including playgrounds, swimming pools, athletics and gymnasiums for various sports in order to restore its role as an important sports center.

Touring the Sports City, Premier Khamis said that the City was home for citizens from all Syrian provinces who were displaced from their villages and towns by acts of terrorism, adding that after the victories of the Syrian Arab Army and the return of the people to their homes, a comprehensive plan was set in order to activate its role at the next phase to return to its brilliance when it hosted the Mediterranean Games in 1987.

According to Khamis, the plan consists of two phases, the first includes the restoration of public utilities, and the second section includes the implementation of the technical and functional plan to return the establishment to its work, noting that the amounts will be gradually allocated to rehabilitate the City completely.

Khamis inaugurates exhibition of Rural Development projects

Later, Khamis inaugurated exhibition of the rural development projects at La Mira tourist hotel in Lattakia with the participation of tourism, agriculture, and local administration and Social Affairs ministries.

“There are 82 investment projects in the coastal area which complete the micro-production and developmental projects in order to move capitals and create new job opportunities,” Khamis, touring the exhibition pavilions, said.

Meeting members of the Syrian Investment Board, Khamis said the government has taken a decision to develop the rural areas through spreading the culture of work, production and encouraging the micro and medium projects.

“The government has initially allocated 400 billion SYP to support the production process all over Syria including the rural areas,” Khamis affirmed.


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