Information Ministry signs protocol of cooperation with Islamic TVs& Radios Union

Damascus, SANA-Information Ministry on Monday signed a protocol with the Islamic TVs& Radios Union in Iran to hold joint media cooperation.

The protocol aims at holding a media cooperation to face the enemy’s conspiracy in the near future and consolidate the joint values and establish the first basis for a union that brings together media institutions which have same political directives.

It provides boosting media ties in all fields, whether new or traditional media, exchanging expertise, training courses, developing the human cadres, exchanging news, archive and satellites.


Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said the protocol comes as a long cooperation fruit among the Syrian media institutions and the Islamic TVs& Radios Union to become as a workshop in every item of its items.

He added that the Union has been committed to support the Syrian media during the last period, particularly in the fields of training and exchanging expertise.

For his part, Secretary General of the Union Ali Karimian affirmed the protocol will be a starting point for cooperation with an international standard, particularly after the successful experiment gained by the strong cooperation between the Union and the Syrian media.


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