Government financial statement sets up comprehensive plan for post-crisis Syria

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly discussed on Sunday the government’s financial statement on the state budget for 2018.

The statement, which was read by Finance Minister Mamoun Hamdan, includes developing a comprehensive plan for the rebuilding of post-crisis Syria in its various dimensions.

The statement noted that the national development program for post-crisis Syria, which is set up by the government, covers several tracks, including the institutional building, the fight against corruption, the development and modernization of infrastructure, balanced and sustainable growth and development, social, educational and cultural development and the national dialogue.

According to the statement, the most important indicators of the 2018 general budget is to control public expenditure, create new job opportunities to reduce unemployment rates and continue to allocate the necessary funds to provide basic services to citizens.

The state budget for the fiscal year 2018 has been set at a total amount of SYP 3187 billion, with the current operational approbations set at SYP 2,362 billion, while the approbations of investment operations amounted to SYP 825 billion. Said

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