Syrian Tribes’ delegation proposes initiative to solve the crisis in country

Hasaka, SANA-Syrian Tribes’ delegation, who has lately visited Russia, held on Tuesday a press conference in al-Qamishli, proposing an initiative to resolve the crisis in Syria.

Faisal Abdul-Rahman , a Sheikh from Tai Tribe, said the initiative consists of three basic items, mainly preserving the Army and  its weapons, the territorial integrity of Syria and committing to the principle that the Syrian people are the only one to determine their President.

He added the initiative was welcomed by the Russian officials who supported it to   stop the Syrian bloodshed and bring the opposition sides to one table along with the Syrian Government.

Abdul-Rahman affirmed the Tribes’ rejection of any form of foreign intervention in the Syrian domestic affairs, pointing out that the delegation  has met the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and  a number of other Russian officials.

He said the delegation will visit some opposition sides abroad to propose the initiative.

For his part, Mohammad al-Banyian,, Chairman of the Arab National Commission, said that forming the leadership of the Syrian Tribes came to participate in pushing the peaceful process forwards and find suitable solutions to the crisis as the delegation has been formed by an invitation of the Russian Foreign Ministry to prepare for a general conference that brings together all spectrums of the Syrian people.

Mazen Eyon

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