Terrorist confesses to taking part in several bombings in Homs

Homs, SANA – Terrorist Shuaileh Ahmad al-Raso confessed to participating in the execution and planning of a number of terrorist acts in the city of Homs, including the placement of explosive devices in transport buses which resulted in the killing and the injuring of a number of civilians.

Al-Raso, who is from al-Ghanto village in northern Homs, was arrested while she was trying to plant an explosive device near Ekrimah al-Makhzoumi school in Ekrimah neighborhood in Homs.

The terrorist said that she planted the IEDs upon instructions from her terrorist brother Abdel Salam and the terrorist Omar Kanjo, a leader of one of the terrorist groups in the village of Habob al-Reih to the north of Homs, in exchange for money.

Al-Raso said that terrorist Kanjo visited their village and supplied her with an explosive device in the form of a belt and told her to put it under her cloak and to place it in one of the buses heading for Wadi al-Dahab in exchange for SYP 100,000, adding that she did what he told her and then they detonated the explosive device after she got off the bus and phoned them to confirm that she planted it, which resulted in the injuring of 6 persons who were in the bus on March 17th.

She said that Kanjo asked her a few days later to put an explosive device in one of the buses heading to al-Zahraa neighborhood for SYP 150,000, and she did that on March 29th in the same way, which led to the death of 5 persons in addition to a number of injuries.

She went on to say that Kanjo told her to bring the terrorist Jawaher al-Saleh from Maabar al-Dar al-Kabira area to one of the houses, and later he asked her to return terrorist al-Saleh to the same area, and while they were in the car she noticed that al-Saleh was wearing an explosive belt under her cloak.

The authorities had arrested terrorist Jawaher al-Saleh earlier, and she confessed to transporting an explosive device to Hisyah city and putting it in one of the buses, causing an explosion that claimed the life of a woman and injured a number of citizens on April 8th.

Terrorist al-Raso also confessed that Kanjo gave her an explosive device and told her to put it in the vicinity of al-Baath University for SYP 200,000, adding that when she arrived she noticed the massive movement of citizens and felt that she could be discovered, so she moved to Ekrimah neighborhood to try to plant the IED there, but one of the citizens saw her and informed the authorities, then a patrol near the site came and arrested her and the explosive device was dismantled.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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