Volunteer team produces documentary tackling the concept of freedom


Damascus, SANA_ The volunteer team “Syria’s Eagles” on Sunday issued a documentary titled “Freedom” which tackles the concept of freedom as
perceived by Syrians as opposed to the version of freedom promoted by the West and exploited to justify its wars.

The 39-minutes documentary details how the West is exploiting the concepts of freedom and democracy by promoting and pushing versions of
them that manipulate people’s emotions and take advantage of people’s needs in order to twist facts, fabricate and distort events, and force
alien concepts on societies in order to tear them apart from within.

Member of the team’s board of directors Amer Abu Hamed said the documentary is the team’s way of contributing to the terrorism and media warfare targeting Syria.

He said that the message the team wants to relay through it is that Syria’s youths are aware of what is happening in their country and realize that the
West is attempting to force-feed people concepts and terminology that serve its agendas, and also that Syrians are fully capable of achieving genuine freedom and democracy and preventing Syria’s unity and cohesion without the need for imported  propaganda.

The project’s director Hazem Bukhari said that the documentary contains material never seen before, and that it details how media has been employing misdirection since WWII and up until today, in  addition to contrasting the true meaning of freedom as opposed to the blood-soaked version the West is trying to promote.

The documentary’s first screening was held in the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummana neighborhood in Damascus.

Hazem Sabbagh


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