Awkaf minister: Religious establishments played major role in warding off sedition

Damascus, SANA-Caretaker Minister of Religious Endowments (Awkaf) Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed said that religious establishments in Syria have played a major role in raising public awareness and warding off religious strife that was draped in a religious garb.

Minister al-Sayyed’s remarks came during his meeting Wednesday with chairman and members of the Islamic al-Fath complex of al-Sham Higher Institute for Religious Studies.

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“A great responsibility falls on (religious) scholars and preachers in clarifying and explaining religious rules and verdicts for knowledge-seekers,” he said.

Al-Sham Higher Institute has scored significant achievements, chief among them is fighting extremism and fanaticism.

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The minister called for emphasis to be laid on the traits of Prophet Mohammad and developing religious discourse.

M. Ismael

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